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B>b>An eloquent, powerful reckoning with incest and trauma, which made a profound impact with its denunciation of a prominent French public intellectual and the literary and political elite that enabled his abuse./b>/b>br>br>In February 2017, Camille Kouchner gathered with family in Sanary-sur-Mer to bury her mother, who died with none of her five children present. Her passing would stir up old emotions, ultimately leading Camille to publicly confront a long-held and corrosive secret: her stepfather sexually abused her twin brother when they were adolescents. This violation of the parent-child relationship was compounded by the complicity of their mother, who learned of her husbands actions and stood by him, shifting blame to Camille and her>;br>La Familia Grande poignantly explores the family dynamics of abuse, and the questions of guilt and shame surrounding it. Camille grapples with her own sense of responsibility--for not having stopped her stepfather at the time, and for agreeing to keep silent as her brother asked--and also considers the wider societal forces that have allowed influential men to commit such crimes and avoid the consequences for so long.

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    Camille Kouchner

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Camille Kouchner

Camille Kouchner, 45 ans, est maître de conférences en droit. La Familia grande est son premier livre.